Commonwealth Center for Advanced Research and Statistics

Governor McAuliffe enabled the creation of the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Research and Statistics ( CCARS ) in his Executive Order 23: Establishing the New Virginia Economy Workforce Initiative. CCARS is a start-up, sponsored by the Council on Virginia’s Future designed to model the “art of the possible” with existing and new education, workforce, and labor market data resources. CCARS’ aspires to propose new frameworks and tools that can help all Virginians from employers to job seekers to educators better connect and prepare people for jobs.

Leading CCARS is a team of individuals from the Council on Virginia’s Future, the Secretary of Commerce and Trade’s Office, the Secretary of Technology’s Office, and the Virginia Community College System. Earlier this year, this team initiated a pilot to publish an open data set of online advertised jobs postings in Virginia with the ultimate goal of empowering researchers, innovators, and programmers in the public, private, and academic sectors to use and develop new approaches and insights for understand the alignment of talent to jobs within Virginia’s labor market.

The Open Data Open Jobs pilot builds on the success of the Veterans Talent Initiative by applying the methods used in this initiative to all jobs in Virginia. Very few resources went into the Open Data Open Jobs pilot. Initial partners (with more to come!) lending their thoughts, talent, and resources include:

• The Discovery Analytics Center at Virginia Tech

• The Data Analytics Program at George Mason University

• Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce

• DirectEmployers Association, Inc.

• Virginia Employment Commission

• Devis

• Glassdoor

More information on the Open Data Open Jobs project can be found here. The CCARS team encourages you to use it to create new applications and insights on jobs in Virginia’s labor market and to tell us how we can make this resource better!