OpenData.cs.vt.edu is a portal that provides access to open source data including workforce data sets and APIs. This portal is built and maintained by students at the Discovery Analytics Center](https://dac.cs.vt.edu/).

The Discovery Analytics Center at Virginia Tech is at the forefront of scientific innovation, leading Tech’s efforts in “big data” research and education on campus.

DAC brings together researchers from computer science, statistics, mathematics, and electrical and computer engineering to tackle knowledge discovery problems in important areas of national interest, including intelligence analysis, sustainability, and public health. Our work emphasizes not just the algorithmic aspects of converting data to knowledge but also the importance of human-in-the-loop analytics to arrive at insights.

DAC was established in 2011 and has locations in Blacksburg, Falls Church, and Arlington. Our team is comprised of 15 academic faculty members, 8 research and professional faculty, 3 administrative staff members, and 75 PhD students. We are supported by the Department of Computer Science, the College of Engineering, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, and the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS) at Virginia Tech.

Our multi-disciplinary research teams apply their technical skills in data science to address modern societal problems. DAC faculty and students are skilled at computational formulation, model building, assessment of algorithms, implementation over modern computing platforms, and visualization of data and patterns.

DAC has fostered multi-stakeholder collaborations with fellow universities, leading industry affiliates, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Our research is grounded in applications and this is key to providing our collaborators with direct and immediate solutions to their problems. New technologies developed in DAC are motivated by the problems faced in applications, and our goal is to transition these technologies into effective software tools.

Collaborate with us and enable your team to harness the power of data analytics!